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Vocals - Gemma

With her dancer's stage presence and deep soulful voice, Gemma is a natural performer and a fantastic singer. One of the team's longest standing members, Gem has worked with Planet Tribute since 2006. A fully trained singer, Gemma's experience includes 10 years with top international Abba Tribute Abba's Angels, singing with Salisbury's En Masse (40 strong pop/soul vocal harmony group) and teaching singing and dancing at the E Minor Pop Academy. Gemma is also a professional dancer and has worked with Jamelia, Liberty X and 911 appearing on MTV on several occasions.Gemma also has her own Pink Tribute that she performs with all around the UK & Europe to crowds of up to 20,000 people.


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Vocals - Terri

Terri first started performing on the function band circuit in her teens and then worked on several high profile cruise ships around the world. It was here she developed her fantastic stage presence and formidable vocal talent. Also a fantastic dancer, Terri used to podium dance in various nightclubs along the south coast. During Terri's years in the industry she has regularly fronted many bands including a girl band show. When not singing and dancing in 90's Angels ( or 60s/70s/80s ) Angels or as Frida with Abba's Angels, Terri can be found working as a snake performer with one of her 13 pet snakes, or as a fire eater, stilt walker or angle grinder ... we are still working on ways to incorporate her other talents into the 90's show ;-) Terri also appears in Abba's Angels and the 70's Angels with Gemma.



Vocals - Nikki Claire

Nikki Claire has been performing for nine years in the industry since graduating from Performers College in Essex in 2005. Nikki has performed in Corporate Shows, touring Theatre shows and Cruise ships in the UK and abroad. Nikki has also performed as a tribute artist in Mallorca for five summer seasons in tributes such as Disco Divas, Madonna, ABBA, Girls Aloud and Steps. Nikki is a passionate performer who loves to perform to different varieties of audiences. NIkki also appears in Abba's Angels and the 70's Angels with Gemma on occasion


Keyboards - Rob

Based in Christchurch near Bournemouth, Rob is a classically trained pianist who transitioned into pop music in the early 90s. Since then he has performed all over the globe, from the US to the Far East, as well as several TV appearances. These days he primarily plays with function / tribute bands including Abba's Angels and The Pink Tribute Band as well as the 60's Angels and 80's Angels






Pete is a master of many talents and as a multi instrumentalist,Pete has released several albums of his own and contributed to numerous recordings by a variety of artists. A fully pro musician who has worked on west end theatre shows and supported many famous names, Pete has been working with Planet Tribute since 2010. Pete also performs with function / tribute bands including Abba's Angels, the 60's Angels the 70's Angels and 80's Angels


90s Xplosion is a brand rather than a definitive set of people. This ensures that the show always goes on, even in the event of accidents and illness. The best singers and musicians in the industry are also involved in more than one project at once and it also ensures we only use the best people. It also most importantly keeps the energy levels high and means each show is perfomed with enthusiasm and vibrancy. All have professional singing / performing backgrounds - see ADDITIONAL PERFORMERS here


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